Friday, July 24, 2009

Technological Fixes to Reduce Smoking

Technological fixes to reduce smoking help people quit smoking. Some of these technological fixes are:
-Nicotine gum- this gum works as a substitute of the cigarette. It sends 2 or 4 mg of nicotine which equals the nicotine of 1 or two cigarettes. It depends of the user’s dependency of smoking.
In my personal experience my mom used this gum to quit smoking and it did not help her.
-Nicotine patches- this is a three step process so that users can gradually stop smoking. It consists of 21, 14, and 7mg. It also depends on how much the person smokes. If a person smokes a 20 cigarettes per day I should start with the 21mg patch; if someone smoke less than that it can start with “step 2” 14 mg patch. After a number of weeks (6 is recommended) at step I. New non-smokers move to step II for 2 weeks and step III for 2 weeks as well.
It is curious how people tend to suffer from nightmares if they use the patch while sleeping.
Also nicotine replacement products, account for 7% of quitters for at least 6 months.

-Nicotine pills- Although this pills are called nicotine pills, they do not contain any nicotine at all. The point for selling these pills opposed to the patches is that you can continue to smoke while taking the pills because a person is not going to overdose in nicotine. There is a quit-date to be reached while taking the pills.

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