Friday, July 24, 2009

Contributions of Technology

Techonology has contributed on positives and negative ways to smoking.
Technological advances have helped with the creation of many ads and websites to show people how bad is it to smoke and why people should not smoke.

Also, the invention of some devices that will help people quit smoking. Examples are:
Gamucci- the electric cigarette. The purpose of this cigarette is to make the person feel, taste the cigarette like a normal one but without the tar and tobacco. I think this is a great invention, because people sometimes smoke just because they think it looks good to smoke and not really becasue it is an addiction for them. With this cigarette a person can do it without suffering the consequences.
Another device is the Handheld Computer Smoking Intervention Tool. This device helps the doctors to assist with smoking cessation counseling at the point-of-care. This device includes a handheld version of the Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence. This test shows a smoker's level of dependency and in the past it has shown accuracy and validity on some research. The test give doctros questions to ask patients to know the level of dependency that its client has for smoking.
I think that this device can help in a great way doctors to detect the level of dependency of a person and choose the right medication to give to the patient.

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