Friday, July 31, 2009

Recap Of The Messages

Message #1- This is a classical conditioning example where we have a very famous actor(Jackie Chan) in a campaign against smoking. This works because many people like Jacki Chan and if people see that he is against smoking they might stop smoking or not even start.

Message #2- It is again an example os classical conditioning where there is a chinese celebrity in a campaign against smoking where people try to stop smoking and there are many prizes for the people who are able to do it.

Message #3- This is an example of the classical conditioning principle of intense. This is a picture with a warning saying that smoking causes mouth diseases. It is nasty the way it is shown in the picture; but if people sees this they are probably going to stop smoking.

Message #4- This is an example of a subliminal message. It is the new campaign against smoking in canada. I think it is very useful because people always see negative messages and looking at one like this makes them really think if smoking its healthy or not where everyone knows that it is not healthy at all.

Message #5- This is a campaign to stop second hand smoking in the UK because second hand smoking hospitalizes 17,000 UK kids a year. It is very important that this stops because it is not only dangerous for the person who is smoking but also for kids and the people around the one who smokes.

Message #6- This picture is a campaign against smoking in India. It shows different ways of commiting suicide; it includes smoking as one and as the easiest one.

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